Working Principle of Filling Machines

Filling machines are one of the packaging machinery, which package all kinds of material such as liquid, gas, paste and powder etc. According to the different filling material, filling machines can be divided into liquid filling machine, gas filling machine, paste filling machine and powder filling machine. According to the degree of automation, it can be divided into automatic filling machine, semi-automatic filling machine and fully automatic filling machine. With the growing of high domestic labor, more and more attention will be paid to the fully automation of automatic filling equipment.

liquid filling machines

Working principles of filling machines:

Filling different materials, working principles and filling modes vary. We mainly introduce the working principles of liquid, gas and paste filling machines.

  • Working principles of liquid filling machines:

Based on the different filling pressure, liquid filling machine can be classified into ordinary pressure liquid filling machine, vacuum liquid filling machine and pressure liquid filling machine. Ordinary pressure liquid filling machine adopts gravity-flowing filling based on its own weight of the liquid. Greater requirements should be done for the viscosity and gas-bearing of the liquid. It main filling material is grape wine and milk.

Vacuum liquid filling machine is proceeding when the pressure of the bottle is below the atmospheric pressure. With simple structure and high efficiency, this kind of filling machine is usually used for high viscosity liquid such as oil, syrup, and fruit wine etc.

Pressure liquid filling machine works when it is above the atmospheric pressure, which can be classified into two parts. One is called equal air pressure filling which means the liquid flows into the bottle based in its own weight when the pressure of the liquid reservoir is equal to the one of the bottle. Another is called high pressure filling which means the liquid flows into the bottle based on the pressure difference when the pressure of the liquid reservoir is high than the one of the bottle.

  • Working principles of gas filling machines

The working principle of gas filling machines is very simple which fillings gas directly using the method of booster pump, somewhat likes the pressure liquid filling machine. It main filling material includes natural gas, coal gas, nitrogen, carbon dioxide

  • Working principles of paste filling machines

Paste filling machine adopts volumetric method to measure, through the way to adjust the plunger volume to realize the control of filling quantity. The reciprocating movement of the piston achieves filling rapidly. The equipment has advantages of high filling efficiency and easy maintenance.

KOS semi automatic filling machine is widely used in industries such as coating, printing ink, paint, asphalt, glue, lubricant, petrochemical, fineness chemical etc. If you need more information about filling machines, please visit the websites:

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