Widespread Applications of High Shear Emulsifying Machine

Have you ever wondered about how to produce soft drinks or how shampoo is made as we need them quite often in our everyday life? Well, this article will probably satisfy your curiosity.

The secret is the high shear emulsifying machine. It is a machine that can refine and homogenize materials fully. Its name may come from a machine that can promote the mixing of the oily substances (oil phase) with the aqueous substances (aqueous phase) to form a homogeneous emulsion. However, there are diverse machines for refining and homogenizing, such as ball mills, sand mills, bead mills, pulverizers, colloid mills, dispersion machines and high pressure homogenizer mixer, which differ in the scope of application and the capacity to refine and homogenize. Nevertheless, the high shear emulsifying machine is equipped with the functions of refining, dispersing and homogenizing. It is mainly used for emulsifying and homogenizing liquid-liquid, and refining and dispersing liquid-solid (powder, small particles). The emulsifying mixer works under the conditions of normal pressure, vacuum and positive pressure. What’s more, it has the advantages of stable operation, low noise, convenient cleaning and great flexibility. Besides, the machine can be used continuously for materials’ ultra-fine dispersion and emulsification.

Nowadays, the high shear homogenizer is broadly used in many fields, including adhesives, paints, cosmetics, food, pharmaceuticals, plastic resins, printing and dyeing, ink, asphalt and other industries. The main categories are as follows.

Fine chemical engineering: plastics, fillers, adhesives, resins, silicone oil, sealants, slurries, surfactants, carbon black, anti-foaming agents, brighteners, leather auxiliaries, coagulants.

Petrochemical engineering: heavy oil emulsification, diesel emulsification, lubricating oil.

Daily-use chemical industry: washing powder, concentrated detergents, liquid detergents, all kinds of cosmetics, skin care products.

Coating and ink industry: latex paint, interior and exterior coatings, waterborne oil-based coatings, nanometre coatings, paint additives, printing ink, marking ink, textile dye, pigments.

Biological medicine industry: sugar coatings, injections, antibiotics, protein dispersants, medicine cream, health care products.

Pesticide and chemical fertilizer industry: insecticides, herbicides, emulsifiable concentrate, pesticide adjuvant, chemical fertilizers.

Food industry: chocolate shell, fruit syrup, mustard, slag cakes, salad dressing, soft drinks, mango juice, tomato syrup, sugar solution, edible essence, additives.

Nanometre material industry: nanometre calcium carbonate, nanometre coatings, various types of nanometre material additives.
homogenizer mixer

To sum up, the high shear emulsifying machine is widely used and can adapt to a variety of production needs. With the development of industrial production in our country, the technology of the high shear emulsifying mixer has also been greatly improved. It is definitely an excellent choice for the above industries. If you want to know more about the machine, welcome to have a look at our website: www.emulsifyingmixer.com or contact us directly by e-mail: sales@emulsifyingmixer.com.

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