Wide Applications of RTP19/ZP-19 Tablet Press

Like other tablet press machine, ZP-19 presser, also called as RTP19, is used to compress the granules into tablets. With 19 stations of tablet tooling set in the rotary table, it will produce 19 pieces of tablets out within one revolving of the table. By that analogy, 45,000 tablets are expected in production in one hour, which is 3 times more than the production capacity of ZP-9 and about 10 times more than that of single punch tablet press TDP-5 or TDP-6. Therefore, the ZP-19 tablet press is suitable to put on medium and large production. It is a high level compression machine which has a strict system to ensure tablet quality, controlling the tablet shape, size, thickness and weight in a reasonable and acceptable tolerance.

  • How does ZP-19 control the shape and size of tablets?

In order to meet the needs of making tablets in different shapes and sizes, the designer made difference on the tip of tablet tooling. He designed the punch tip in rhombus shape to make VGR100 pill, round shape to make M/30 pill, and Superman shape to make cartoon candies, and so on. That is to say, once you install the punch tooling on, the tablet shapes and sizes are decided, in corresponding to those of the punch tip. You can make different tablets by replacing the punch tooling of other shapes and sizes.

  • How does ZP-19 control the thickness of the tablets?

Tablet thickness is determined by two factors, filling depth and pressure. Filling depth actually is closely related to the pill dosage which should be strictly supervised, so the filling depth is grimly manipulated by ZP-19.

Different pills must have different standard for the pill dosage. The most direct way is to use dies of big diameter to increase the dosage. But once the mold size is set, minor dosage difference is adjusted by filling depth which is achieved by how much lower punch goes into the die hole. The more lower punch stretches into the die, the less space left for the granules, and the dosage is thus reduced. Therefore, ZP-19 is equipped with a device to adjust the position of lower punch.

To meet the requirements of transporting, storing, and disintegration time, the compression pressure is also sternly controlled. The pressure will affect the pill thickness and its appearance. The pressure adjustment is realized by how much upper punch runs into the die. The more it runs, the bigger the pressure, then the pill is much compacted.


  • How does ZP-19 control the weight of the tablets?

To control the tablet weight is somewhere alike to control the tablet dosage. But some points are different. Besides to control the tablet thickness, the die size plays a good role in affecting the tablet weight. The bigger the dies, the more granules are allowed to flow into die hole.

  • Applications:

Likewise, ZP-19 is widely applied to many fields, producing different tablets and pills in various shapes and sizes.

Pharmaceutical:Chinese herb tablets, western pills, nutrients, veterinary drug, etc.
Food: Candy, flake coffee, throat lozenge, chocolate chips, seasoner, etc.
    Health Care: Buccal tablets, milk tablets, calcium, vitamin, proplis tablets, etc.

Battery: Electronic unit, button cell, etc.
    Chemical: Mothball, camphor, fertiliser tablets, catalyzer, detergent, etc.

Metallurgical: Accelerant, sheet metal, pottery granule, etc.

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