Wide Applications of Pill Dies

We usually use the pill dies to make various pills. Some people may prefer the handheld pill press to manually produce pills, and some would like to use tablet press machine to help make hard, strong and big pills. No matter what machines you utilize, the size and shape of the pills is determined by punch dies. Therefore, we provide custom-made service for our customers to tailor make the punch die mold based on their special request. The stamp on punches can be personalized designed. Then what kind of pills can be produced by pill dies?

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(N8,ZM5 5411,XANAX and many others)

■ Shapes

KOS Tab Tooling can be used to make different shapes of pills, round, square, rectangle, rhombus, oval, triangle, and other irregular pills. According to our market survey, the punch dies with cartoon and famous logo are most popular, like Simpson, SpongeBob, mushroom, ghost, superman, diamond, etc.



■ Sizes

Pill dies are good to make pills in different sizes, 2mm at least and 12 at most. Generally speaking, the big and hard pills should be produced by tablet press machine, for which could create enough pressure to form steady pills with smooth surface.

Pill Dies05122

(RDY478,GG256,G0036 and many others)

■ Customized 3D Stamp Dies

3D stamp dies could make very beautiful three dimensional pills. The stamps could be customized. 3D punch set can fit fr TDP-0,TDP-1.5, TDP-5, TDP-6 and other handheld pill maker.

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