Why The High Performance Heating & Filling Machine Is Always Fattering To Us

The lipsticks in fashion come and go and simply do not go away at all. The lipstick market is blooming and the manufacturers cannot wait to dig out their potential. The high performance cosmetic machinery are definitely preferred and selected by more and more manufacturers who keep purchasing the high quality such as the Customized Cosmetics Paste Heating Machine Lipstick Shampoo Mixer. With its high performance, the Customized Cosmetics Paste Heating Machine Lipstick Shampoo Mixer has already won high reputation among lipstick manufacturers. What’s the magic of such mixer?

The amazing mixer will absolutely make the lipstick production extraordinary. Typically, the Customized Cosmetics Paste Heating Machine Lipstick Shampoo Mixer is widely used in the heating and filling process. Widely used in the production of lipstick, lip balm, gloss, shampoo, body wash and other liquid or paste, the mixer is suitable for medium and large-sized production. It is a combination of heating, mixing and filling processes. From the perspective of heating, the mixer can heat the liquid phase in a short time, accelerating the dispersion of phase. Moreover, taking the oil-proof heating system, the mixer will improve the texture of liquid phase as well as the work efficiency. The efficient heating system allows the mixer to enhance its work efficiency effectively. Not only can the smart heating system enable the mixer to heat at a constant temperature, but also it can make the liquid phase fully mixed and blended. Except for the efficient heating system, the mixer is also featuring in its double-deck charging bucket. The double-deck design allows the bucket to improve the temperature inside the bucket, saving energy. Meanwhile, the double-deck design will extend the lifespan of mixer. Thus, the emulsion mixer is very durable and useful for the users.
lipstick filling machine

The details will always tell you the quality. Except for the durable double-deck bucket and efficient heating system, the mixer can do well in the motors. The motor, which is placed on the top of bucket, can create strong shearing force. Painting with eye-catching color on the motor, it will remind users of the “dangerous” motor. 4 holders with wheels will not only stabilize the bucket, but also make the mixer easy to be moved. They can reduce and avoid the risk of upsetting. Last but not least, the discharging hole which comes with faucet shape is convenient and safe for the users to fill the molds. It can keep us far away from the harm of scald.

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