Why should buy a more expensive aluminum lipstick mold?

Women’s pursuit of beauty never slow down. It seems that “DIY cosmetics” has become a new trend and lifestyle these years. With some simple tools, everyone are able to make natural and safe cosmetics at home. Obviously, making lipsticks can most easily satisfy the desire to create your own cosmetics and enjoy the fun. These homemade lipsticks let you design a personalized lipstick color that is chemical free and inexpensive to make. As to lipsticks, we would like to talk about the key tool for making lipsticks—lipstick molds.

lipstick mold
Generally speaking, plastic lipstick mold, silicone lipstick mold and aluminum lipstick mold almost take up the whole lipstick mould market. From an economic point of view, aluminum mold is more pricy than plastic and silicone ones. A customer just need to spend about $20 buying a plastic mold. But after experiencing an aluminum one, you may feel regret to pay $20 for the fragile gadgetry. Now we make a simple comparison between them.
Plastic material is small and light. Of course, it is also cheap. But please notice that the lipstick liquid poured into the mold is so heated that it may have chemical reaction with plastic, especially bad quality plastic, which goes against the original intention of making safe and natural lipsticks. As we know, plastic mold does not have the merit of heat resistance. Furthermore, plastic material is lack of rigidity, so the plastic mold may become a write-off after using for several times.
Another common material applied to mold manufacturing is silicone. Silicone has the advantages of stretching resistance, heat resistance and high deformation tolerance; with regard to appearance, silicone mold has regular shape and bright color. However, not only the high production cost but also its fatal defect—low rigidity prevent it from being widely used in making lipsticks.
Having experimented various of material, we still insist on manufacturing high quality aluminum lipstick molds for our customers and keep proceeding innovative research, pursuing improvements.
Aluminum lipstick mold possess the overwhelming characteristic including but not limited to high hardness, high decay, polishing processing and anti-wear ability. For that reason, it can ensure glossy and silky finished products. Although the manufacturing process of aluminum lipstick mold is complex with a relatively long production cycle, we are still confident in supplying great amount of first-class lipstick molds for clients worldwide with mature technology and customer-oriented concept. The more 6 Cavity Lipstick Molds, 12 Cavity Lipstick Molds vist www.lipstickmolds.com

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