Why Powders Easily Get Clogged up in the Bucket Feeder of TDP-0, TDP-5 and TDP-6?

As we all know, feeding device on tablet press machine plays a great role in affecting pills dosage and weight. Of all types feeding systems—bucket feeder, tsukigata feeding system and forced filling feeder, the first one, generally outfitted on single punch tablet press, is the lieu where materials mostly get stuck or clogged up. After a comprehensive analysis, our professional technicians summarized some possible causes and also suggested corresponding solutions.



In a matter of fact, powder clogging problem is closely related with two main parts: property of materials and feeder rod. Details are listed as follows:

  1. Poor fluidity of materials

Poor fluidity of materials is the most common cause. Fluidity decides whether the materials flow down steadily or not. Poor fluidity leads to the consequence that materials may stop at a certain area, and couldn’t normally flow down even with vibration of feeder rod or feeder connecting rod.

The size of materials is crucial to its performance of fluidity. If the particles are too coarse, the dropping ones couldn’t flow into the middle die hole as a result that heaping materials block the outlet of bucket shoe. But if the particles are to fine, or even in the form of powder, the materials can not gravitate themselves into middle die.

Suggestions: Improve the fluidity of the materials, which is realized by ameliorating the material formula. Adding or removing some ingredient is helpful.


  1. Materials become damp

Due to the moist in the air, materials easily get damp. Damp particles will be adhesive and become pieces which block the inlet of middle die, or even adhere to the inside wall, clogging the transportation of particles.

Suggestions: ①Keep the materials sealed and in a dry environment away from moist and sunlight. ②Ensure that the machine and all components are dry, especially the hopper and feeder, for which directly embraces the materials.


  1. Materials get clogged in the feeder inlet

Feeder inlet is the only channel for material transportation. If the materials get clogged at this territory, more particles are interdicted out of feeder inlet.

The reasons are considered from twp perspectives. For one thing, the dosage(filling amount) is much less than ordinary required. When the materials flow down continuously and smoothly, more and more pile up on the case that only a few amount can be used into tablet every time. For another thing, we also ascribe it to the fine fluidity of materials.

Suggestions: Adjust and control the pill dosage and size in an appropriate range. Take all elements relevant to the pills quality into consideration: the capacity and best performance of pills making machine.


  1. Feeder rocker arm and feeder connecting rod

Materials flow down from hopper to feeder is affected by vibration of feeder rocker arm and feeder connecting rod. If the vibration is not strong enough, particles will be difficult to fall down, then the consequence is that insufficient particles cannot be made into qualified tablets.

Suggestions: Try to strengthen vibration. For single punch tablet press, one possible way is to replace a new feeder rocker arm and feeder connecting rod(only fro TDP-0). But for Rotary tablet press ZP-9, a vibrating screen would be much helpful.

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