Which Is Better—B Tooling or D Tooling ?

Tablet tooling is one of the quick-wear parts of tablet press machine in the process of making tablets. It is quite confused when it comes to replace the worn tablet tooling with a new one. At this moment, you have to meditate on choosing a station of B tooling or D tooling and compare which one is better. Here, I have to say we couldn’t judge that B tooling is better than D tooling, or that D tooling is better than B tooling. The suitable one must be the best one.


First, we have to know the fact that the dimensions of B tooling and D tooling of different brand are different, which means that, for an instance, the size of Fette B tooling is different from Stokes B tooling. In addition, the type of tablet tooling must be in accordance with tablet press machine, some of which accepting B tooling could not be equipped with D tooling. Hence, choosing a tablet press machine is also a matter of deciding tablet tooling.


Second, we should differentiate B tooling and D tooling objectively. Their respective features make them to be used for different purposes. We should take the advantages of different tablet tooling into consideration in the process of purchasing a tablet press machine. Based on their features and merits, we could make a sensible choice of tablet tooling and tablet compression machine.

  • B Tooling

B tooling has a long and thin body compared with D tooling, with a smaller punch head and punch tip. Small punch head leaves a restriction on punch pressure, thus the tablets and pills requiring high hardness can not be finished by B tooling, while the small punch tip directly decides the size(diameter) of tablets. Briefly, B tooling is more suitable to make small pills.

However, due to its small punch body occupies less space, more stations of tablet tooling can be designed on the rotary table. Which means that higher yield and quicker production can be achieved at the same working speed. It is worth mentioning that the small pills made by B tooling have smooth surfaces outside.

  • D Tooling

On contrary, D tooling is short and fat in views of its configuration. Fat punch body and big punch head allow high pressure to be engaged, thus the pills can be made hard and strong enough. And big punch tip and tip flat leaves more space for materials, thus big pills with large diameter(20mm) can be made.

For another, owing to more space the fat punch body occupies, less stations can be set on the premise of the same size of rotary table. With the same working speed, less tablets and pills are processed.


As I have said above, the best one must be the suitable one. Buying a tablet press machine is also a matter of choosing the type of tablet tooling. After a comprehensive comparison, choose what you think suitable according to your requirement. Some EUR&USA tablet tooling can be custom-made, like Fette, Stokes, Manesty, Hata, etc. For further information, welcome to contact us  tabletpresspillpress@gmail.com .

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