What kind of steel is tablet tooling made of ?

There are thousands of steel types available but only a few meet the complex design and functional requirements of tablet tooling.
Chemical composition of the steel is only one part of the overall equation, material selection must always be considered alongside good tablet design for strong punch cups and punch tip edges.
To optimise the material and its properties,other processes are required such as:

• Steel refinement
(ESR – Electro slag re-melting)
• Optimal heat treatment
• Treatments and coatings
• Powder Metallurgy

All KOS materials are highly refined to our own specifications and this quality is provided at no additional cost to our customers giving increased strength and wear resistance to tablet compression machine tooling.

KOS ESR material (HPG-S & HPG-P) has a homogeneous carbide structure which is distributed evenly throughout the steel. This provides benefits for the end user such as increased tool strength, extended tooling life over conventional (non-refined) steel and coating uniformity.

Powder Metallurgy
I Holland offers two specialist powder metallurgy steels (HPG-MP & HPG-MD) each offering a uniform carbide distribution,small carbide size and extremely high wear resistance when compared to HPG-S and HPG-P. Powder Metallurgy steels are recommended for extremely abrasive products.

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