What is the High Shear Emulsifier Specific Used for?

High shear emulsifier is a typical emulsification equipment, then what is emulsification? The cosmetic and chemical industry people should be more understanding about high shear mixer, emulsification as the name suggests is two or more immiscible liquids to achieve mixing, in the emulsification process the reaction is physical process. With the continuous development of the emulsification industry, emulsifier machine has more comprehensive performance, which is represented by high shear emulsifier.

High shear emulsifier has the following basic functions:

1, Shear effect: the material through the rotor outer diameter and stator inter diameter instantly subjected to a strong mechanical shear force, complex and intense fluid motion drives the particles to collide with each other, and particles collide with the rotor stator, resulting in a hydraulic shear effect.

2, Friction effect: the material between the rotor outer diameter and stator inter will be subjected to a strong friction, tearing effect.

3, Mixing effect: the rotor slot and the stator slot and centrifugal blade agitation, resulting in a mixing effect.

4, Pumping effect: through the rotor groove and the rotation of the blade to promote the centrifugal movement of the fluid, resulting in transport effect.

kos-100 high shear emulsifier

What is the use of high-shear emulsifier, what are the specific applications?

1, Food industry

In the food industry emulsifier machine is a very common processing equipment, especially in the production of sauces, for example, the fruit jam for the bread we eat in the morning, and fruit jam in the production process requires emulsifying machine, fruit and the baking powder is mixed and emulsified in an emulsifying machine to produce delicious jam;

2, Fine chemical industry

In the production of surfactants, fillers and other applications will also use the emulsifier mixer, mainly because of the high production power of high shear emulsifier, easy to use;

3, Agriculture
In agricultural production, we can often see high shear emulsifying machine, for example, in the production of fertilizer, we need to use the emulsification equipment to dissolve;

4, Cosmetic industry
High shear emulsifier has the high-speed mixing and dissolving performance, especially for large-scale production of cosmetics manufacturers, not only need to have a good emulsifying effect, but also need to have good work efficiency.

Emulsifying processes of high shear emulsifying mixer?

1, Stirring
Liquid in the emulsifying machine mixed and stirred by the impeller, the model and price of emulsifier machine on the market is different, mainly because of the impeller function is different. In the high shear emulsification equipment, installed with new three-leaf mixing device, on this basis, not only increase the contact surface between the impeller and the material, but also to enhance the stirring speed;

2, Homogenizing
Through the impeller strong stirring, the material is formed into a vortex flow, so as to achieve mutual extrusion, homogeneous effect is the material emulsification fineness is very uniform, uniform dispersion intensity and moderate size.

3, Crushing
This function is mainly for solid materials and particulate materials, because mixing different materials, the need to solve is crushing, so as to help the formation of fluid, in order to achieve high shear emulsifier materials emulsifying.

4, Dissolving
Dissolving is almost the final step in the emulsifying process, after mixing, homogenizing and crushing of a series of processes, the next need to be deeply dissolved to enhance the material emulsification effect.

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