What Happens If There Is No Emulsifying Machine

The emulsifying machine is an indispensable production device in cosmetic products, beverage products, dairy products and more. In simple terms, an emulsifying machine is used to mix, smash and homogenize two or more immiscible liquid materials and cream materials for emulsification. Then can you imagine what will happen if there is no emulsifying machine in the world?

For instance, there are various kinds of cosmetics in the market, but they differ a lot in smoothness. Some cosmetics are easy to be absorbed by the skin while others are not and are felt greasy. Thus, it is the emulsifying machine that determines the smoothness of cosmetics. Better cosmetic products are supported by a good emulsifying machine. Otherwise, the premium materials would be wasted. Vacuum emulsifying machines are chosen by a lot of cosmetic manufacturers because they emulsify, refine and homogenize materials in a vacuum state to prevent bacteria and impurities from polluting the materials as well as improve the smoothness and fineness of the cosmetics. Take making lipsticks for example, without the emulsifier, long process time is needed to melt the waxes and solid pieces may need to be broken up before they can be added to the kettle, which makes it difficult to obtain the required consistency and homogeneity.
emulsifying machine

For another example, most people like to make ice lollies at home by their own in summer, but do you find that the taste of the DIY ice lollies is different from those bought from supermarkets or stores? That is because we do not apply an emulsion device in making ice lollies. Without the machine, the DIY ice lollies taste not that good. To make ice cream, if there is no emulsion device, conventional systems do not produce sufficient shear to break agglomerates down, agglomerates can also adversely affect homogenizer performance, leading to inconsistent results, and long processing time is required to complete dispersion and achieve a satisfactory consistency. The disadvantages are obvious.

Let me mention a third example. When manufacturing flavored milk drinks without an homogenizer machine, premixing of powders increases labor costs and process time. Poor dispersion also appears and it impairs heat transfer, leading to poor yield and wastage. What’s worse, the product quality differs in different batches.

Above all, we can see that there are so many problems when there is no emulsion mixer. Even industries such as food and cosmetic industries are estimated to be retrogressive for decades without the machine. Nowadays, the application of the emulsifying machine is more and more extensive and the technology of emulsification is improving. Besides, the types and the functions of the emulsifying machine are constantly increasing to meet different production needs.

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