What do You Think the Best Tablet Press is II

There are so many types of tablet press in the market, each of which must have its unique characteristics and advantages.

Single Station

These machines are used to press a variety of drugs, that may or may not contain excipients, into round tablets. They can be used for batch production or laboratory production runs, and can be manually operated to allow precise setting of fill, tablet size, and compressive force. In addition a single station tablet press –

  • is relatively compact
  • is easy to operate and has high utilization ratio
  • uses high pressure to reduce weight difference between tablets while maintaining a low noise level
  • provides continuous control over raw material loading as well as tablet’s thickness

punch and dies, punch and die set, toolings

Multiple Station Tablet Press

This machine is widely used throughout the industrial, medical and pharmaceutical sectors. It is more cost efficient than a single station press and can work continuously without any significant increase in maintenance expenses compared with a single station. It is the best machine to use to manufacture tablets in high volume due to its efficiency and accuracy in producing uniform shapes and sizes of tablets. It is therefore preferred by many in the industry due to its high output.

The machine can be used for all types of active ingredients producing. In addition –


  • It provides independent control of hardness and weight
  • Setting up is much more streamlined and efficient than the trial and error approach often encountered in setting up a single station press.
  • It can be fine tuned to meet all product specifications
  • Markedly reduces waste of the formulation.
  • Pressure at the compression step is controlled by adjusting the weight control lever
  • Automatic and consistent powder fill is achieved with all dies.
  • Supplied without punches or dies – allowing producers to specify their own design of punch and die set.
  • Much higher production rate than a single station press. Typical output: 9000 – 12000 tablets/hr.


In conclusion, i think the best tablet press machine is the one that suffice your requirements. From the analysis above, there are detailed analysis between pill press and rotary tablet press you can look for reference to base your decision on. And of course, you can also custom your machine for special use or industry.



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