What Do You Need To Pay Attention To When Customizing Your High Shear Emulsifying Machine?

The high shear mixer is flexible and off-standard in that it can overcome the materials from the physical state to the chemical one. Thus, it is warmly chased by manufacturers. Just as we mentioned before, the emulsifying effectiveness varies from mixer to mixer. Different kinds of emulsifying mixer may create distinctive emulsifying effects. In order to figure out the right mixer, more and more manufacturers would like to choose the customized one. A well-customized machine can work efficiently and effectively.

In what aspect should we focus on when we customize our machines? It is hard to tell since the emulsifying mixer is complicated. We may start from the materials and structures to the specifications. However, what is the key of homogenizer machine? As long as we figure it out, the perfect machine customization may come true. It will yield twice the result with half the effort. There’s no doubt that the work head is the core to the mixer. The work head have a great impact on the emulsifying effectiveness. Thus, it would be better for us to place great emphasis on it. The work head mainly consists of rotating rotor and stationary stator. When the machine begins to work, the rotor will begin to run too. With the rotor’s high-speed running, the material phases at the bottom of bucket will be absorbed into the space between high-speed rotating cutting wheel and stationary cutting cover. The narrow space where the phase has to make it through the intensively shearing, centrifugally extruding, impacting, and breaking, liquid layer attrition and even turbulence will shear the phase into particle with 200nm-1um size.
high shear homogenizer

According to the working principle of high shear homogenizer, the perfect work of rotor and stator will definitely make the phase fully emulsified. The work head plays an important role in the emulsification. Thus, both the rotor and stator share the application of the mixer. For example, the stator with round hole can be used into the phases with high viscosity. The stator with round hole allows the high-viscosity and large particle to go through and be emulsified well. What if the phases with small particles and low viscosity? The stator with mesh hole enables your small particles and low viscosity to be sheared and emulsified nicely. Therefore, when we make a decision to customize our mixer, choose the right work head. It is suggested to place great emphasis on the work head so that we can create the products more effectively.

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