[VIDEO]Tablet Press ZP9 Applies in Confectionery Industry

ZP9 RTP9 is a small-sized rotary tablet press. With 9 stations of tablet tooling on the turret, 9 pieces of tablets can be produced within one revolving of turret. 16,200 tablets are estimated to be produced in one hour. Hence, ZP9 tablet press is quite suitable for the small and medium batch production, and especially for the small factories.

Any tablets made of powder or granules can be produced on tablet press machine. As a result, the tablet press is usually applied in pharmaceutical, chemical, metallurgical, cosmetics industries, and confectionery field is not an exception.


In general, the candies and confectionery tablets are always colorful and of irregular shaped. The color of tablets is determined by that of the materials. And some tablet press, like rotary tablet press ZP35, can make bi-color layered candies. Two feeding systems are equipped on ZP35. During the bi-color candy manufacturing process, the powders are undergone twice filling and twice compression. And the punches and dies are decisive to the shape of candies. The candy tablets are always produced by shaped punches and dies like geometric molds and with cartoon or Heroes Images on punches like superman, transformer, simpson, etc.


Special requirements on the punch molds can be met by customization service. Professional designer and skilled technician can make the molds as you requested. And Video tutorials are free offered about the maintenance, assemble, troubleshooting, adjustment, etc. Contact us for more details kosmachinery@gmail.com

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