[Video]How to Adjust Tablet Thickness on Rotary Tablet Press 

For the western medicine, the raw materials are almost powders or particles. How to change the powder into a tablet or a pill is exactly what the pharmaceutical manufacturers should concern, because we should not only guarantee the ingredient amount but also help patient to swallow the medicine easily. In this paper, I will let you get a deep insight into how to adjust tablet thickness on rotary tablet press.

How to Adjust Tablet Thickness on zp-9, rotary tablet press



Take ZP-9 as an example, left knob for pressure adjusting, and right knob for filling depth adjusting. Thickness can be controlled from 2mm to 6mm with the following actions on this machine. And if we assume that the pressure is constant, then turn the right knob clockwise to reduce the filling amount, the tablets will be thinner. Turn the right knob anticlockwise, the tablets can be thicker. However when the filling depth is fixed, turn the left knob anticlockwise to increase the pressure, the tablets will be thicker. Conversely, the tablets will be thinner when the pressure is decreased.

rotary tablet press, pharmaceutical compression machine, spareparts of zp-9


With comprehending the above working principle, operator can control thickness by adjusting the knobs on panel. To make pills thinner, you have to decrease filling depth and increase pressure simultaneously. So turn the right knob clockwise, the filling depth is thus decreased. Meanwhile turn the left knob clockwise, the pressing is thus increased. Then try to start the machine, the tablets are thinner than before. Contrarily, anticlockwise turn the knobs the tablets will be thicker. After an adjusting of machine, you should run the machine by hand wheel avoiding machine stops or dies damage.

By the way, you should be also clear about the operation process. An automatic tablet press is driven by power, while a manual pill maker is operated by man. The motor generates power that drives the belt and turbine. And the turbine will transmit the force to spindle which precipitates the revolving of turntable and punch molds. The revolving of compression rollers helps moving of up and down punches. In this way, the pressure can be applied on the punches, and then the materials can be compacted. The bigger the motor, the more the pressure, and the tablets can be made harder, bigger, and stronger. Detailed tablet manufacturing process for diverse thickness is available in the following video:




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