As matte lipstick mold was introduced before, many customers sent messages to ask more about this mold . It seems that women are not content with making usual glossy lipsticks. We know that after several years of fascination with glossy and gleaming lipsticks, matte lipsticks just make sense. Unlike gloss or sheeny lipsticks, flat pigment stays put the longest–second only to lip stain–which means no mess on cups, clothes, or other people’s faces. On the flip side, matte lipstick longevity means you’ll want to find colors that you can live with all day. Therefore matte lipstick conquer numerous women with its understated charm overwhelmingly. It will not be too dazzling, or coquettish, which can be applied to any styles of makeup.

Maybe you are thinking that matte lipsticks can only be made in lipstick factory, however, with our matte lipstick mold, everyone can make matte lipsticks at home. A highlight lipstick mold for making glossy lipsticks is able to turn into a matte lipstick mold to make matte lipsticks through our simple technology. That’s the point. It is the mold that determines the gloss of a lipstick.

In fact, highlight mold and matte mold look the same from outside. The highlight lipstick mold here doesn’t mean it is polished. On the contrary, matte lipstick mold doesn’t mean it isn’t polished. The area contacting with lipstick paste is exactly where matte lipstick mold achieve its goal comparing with highlight lipstick mold.

The difference lies in the inside of lower molds— highlight molds is bright and has a satin sheen as its finished products; matte molds is dull and lack of sleekness as matte lipsticks. The matte mold is processed by a certain technology, with which it lose the ability to keep high gloss and vibrancy of the paste but creates alternative lipsticks full of metal texture and rustic charm.

Matte Aluminum Lipstick Molds 12.1/12.7 MM For Waterdrop Shape

Highlight lipstick mold has a wide variety of shapes for selection, so does matte lipstick mold, like the popular waterdrop shape, nail shape, crayon shape, etc. Besides, it has the same practice of making lipsticks with highlight mold. For more information about lipstick shapes and how to make homemade lipsticks, just scroll all the way back through our guides.

matte lipstick mold

We warmly welcome lipsticks company to custom make matte lipstick molds in our factory, where quality and competitive price can be gained at the same time.


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