It is no exaggeration to say women could not live without lipsticks any longer, as a little lipstick has the magic to liven up even a plain face. Even after several decades, people are always preoccupied with Marilyn Monroe, especially for her glossy red lip. After decades of fascination with glossy and gleaming lipsticks, more and more attention are paid to matte lipsticks — whose understated charm conquer numerous fashion icons quietly. It will not be too dazzling, or coquettish to some extent. Simple but versatile, it can be applied to any styles of makeup.

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Maybe you are thinking it must be pretty difficult to make matte lipsticks, however, the fact is in direct contradiction to what you think. Only with simply processed, a highlight lipstick mold for making glossy lipsticks is able to turn into a matte lipstick mold to make matte lipsticks. That’s the point. It is the mold that determines the gloss of a lipstick.

Actually, highlight lipstick mold and matte lipstick mold look the same from outside. So do not be cheated by their appearance and explore the interior to find out their difference. The highlight lipstick mold here doesn’t mean it is polished. On the contrary, matte lipstick mold doesn’t mean it isn’t polished. The area contacting with lipstick paste is exactly where matte lipstick mold achieve its goal comparing with highlight lipstick mold.

Lipstick Mold for Waterdrop shape



So the difference can be seen easily from the above picture. It shows the inside of upper molds— highlight molds is bright and has a satin sheen as its finished products; matte molds is dull and lack of sleekness as matte lipsticks. The matte mold is processed by a certain technology, with which it lose the ability to keep high gloss and vibrancy of the paste but creates alternative lipsticks full of metal texture and rustic charm.

Highlight lipstick mold has a wide variety of shapes for selection, so does matte lipstick mold, like the most popular common beak shape mold , lipstick mold for moondrop shape, flat-faced beveled edge, etc. Besides, it has the same practice of making lipsticks with highlight mold. For more information about lipstick shapes and how to make homemade lipsticks, just scroll all the way back through our passages.

In the end, we would like to show you some rather nicely made matte lipsticks, if you have been interested in it, welcome to contact us any time.

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