Tooling Tailored to EU and TSM Specifications


As regards to punch and dies, standardization of tooling dimensions has been agreed to facilitate inter changeability between presses and to reduce the number of spare parts. In many cases, a certain press is available with different turrets in order to standardize tooling within a tablet manufacturing company. In this paper, I will enable you get a thorough grasp on the tooling standards.

punch and dies, punch and die set

Whenever you’re planning to invest in new tablet press tooling, there will be two standard designs to consider. These include:

  • Tablet Specification Manual (TSM)for American standard
  • Euro Standard (EU) for the European market

lower punch upper punch

lower punch

So, depending on the specific potential market you intend to venture into, the two options available are the TSM and EU specifications for a tablet press tooling system. Generally, the configurations of these tools are almost the same except for their dimensions.


The main differences between these two tablet press tool designs are:

  1. Punch length in EU standard is 0.010 inches longer than TSM standards.
  2. In both tool types “B”and “D”the head thickness is larger in the TSM tooling system than in EU specifications..
  3. TSM punch heads have an angled top profile while in EU standard, it has a domed profile.
  4. Comparing the “B”type tooling in TSM, the inside head angle for punches is 37°while in EU specifications it is 30°

Through the above illustration, you can classify the existing tablet press tooling systems as:

  • B
  • D
  • BB
  • DB

Dimensions of tablet press tooling as you can see below:

tooling dimensions

And, a comparison between the two standards:

punch and die standard

With these two tables, you can purchase the suitable tooling handily, and please noted that adhesion, sticking, picking, and filming on punches and dies can in many cases be avoided by a suitable surface finish of the tooling, therefore maintenance can not be ignored.

As you can see, punch and die set plays a fundamental role in compression process. Therefore, choosing an appropriate design that meets your specific tablet making machine is critical. Furthermore, the standardization and maintenance of tablet press tool types are fundamental in ensuring maximum and efficient productivity.





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