Tips for Maintaining Emulsifying Mixer

WRL High Shear Emulsifying Homogenizing Mixer is a kind of vertically-mounted emulsifying machine. The structure of stator and rotor is claw coupling, and the materials around stator will be suck into working antrum from upper and lower holes. After reciprocating circulation of shearing, mixing, homogenizing, the materials could finally be thoroughly emulsified, and the steady mixing product could be finished.

As we all know, however, every machine and mechanical part has its specified service life. How to make most use of machine and gain the largest producing efficiency during its limited lifetime has become a hot topic. Reducing unnecessary loss and improving working efficiency is one of the directest ways to put machine to the fullest exert its function. Furthermore, correct use and timely maintenance of the machine could also be an effective way to improve its output. Some tips for maintaining emulsifying mixing machine are as follows:


Here are some tips for maintaining the emulsifying mixer.


 Timely cleaning and polishing

  1. In order to get health and safe product, it is necessary to keep the machine clean. For improving the working efficiency, timely polishing and buffing the machine&mechanical part is also critical.
  2. After every batch production, it’s better to make a thorough cleaning of the working antrum and the machine parts exposed to the materials, especially the stator&rotor, filter of outlet&inlet.

 Correct use and troubleshooting

  1. Before start the machine, check the machine and electrical apparatus control system, make sure it is in safe state.
  2. Before start the motor, double-check the machine parts and overall machine condition. Remember that the emulsifying machine is strictly not allowed to operate in reverse direction.
  3. Do not make the machine work when there is no materials in the working antrum, or will damage the equipment.
  4. During the working process, if abnormal sound or other malfunction occur, stop the machine immediately to check. After troubleshooting then start the machine again.

 Regularly check machine parts

The machine parts and accessories will be easily wore during working process. The wore parts will influence the normal running of the machine and producing efficiency. Regularly check the machine parts and replace the unqualified parts.


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