Three Ways to Prolong the Service Life of Lipstick Mold

As is well known that mold is the main process equipment in industrial production, whose manufacturing level and service life directly affects production efficiency, product quality and production cost. Hence, prolonging the service life of mold is an effective way to reduce cost and improve productivity and enterprise competitiveness. However, the service life time is closely related with its inherent materials, process of heat treatment, mold structure design, maintenance and so on. We summarized the corresponding solutions for prolonging lifetime of lipstick mold kit from 3 perspectives.


First, mold materials. There are varieties of mold in the market. We could tell them by their material, some made by metal, plastic, and some made by synthetic material. Before you choose mold material, you need to consider that what kind of material is better to manufacture your products, that how is production scale. Reasonably utilization of the mold is the best way to prolong its service life. According to different production scale, you could choose your mold in applicable material. During mass production, molds made by good quality material have long service life, which commendably improves the production efficiency. Hard alloy, aluminum, rigid steel and other metal alloy are such kind of materials. As for plastic mold, it is better to use the material with features of free-cutting, structure compacted, good property of polishing.


Second, the process of making lipstick mold, including its design and heat treatment. A good mold should be designed with enough intensity, rigidity and concentricity. Rational design of lipstick mold is conductive to avoid unnecessary damage of the products and mold itself to the extent that extend mold service life. Besides, Mold manufacturing generally undergoes forging, machining, heat treatment. As an essential course to influence the quality of mold, heat treatment should be strictly supervised during heating, quenching, chilling and tempering. Heat treatment includes matrix strengthening and surface strengthening treatment. The former is aim for improving matrix toughness and reducing deformation, while the latter is for improving surface wear resistance, corrosion resistance and mold lubricating.


Last but not the least, proper use and regular maintenance is also important to boost mold’s life span. Correct installation and adjustment, strict complying with instruction, regular checking, cleaning, and maintaining are some of the effective measures. Especially for the porous lipstick mold, cleaning and maintaining is a little difficult but also indispensable. Apply proper lubricant before storage to resist rust and corrosion.

The are many aspects to influence the life of mold. Prolonging mold life span requires synthetical measures. Above mentioned ways are some fundamental methods to avoid mold breaking. Our KOS Industry always takes good quality as our first priority, and we offer comprehensive service for all your requirement. We have custom make service to manufacture some less common products, such as double color lipstick mold, tri-color lipstick mold.

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