Three Tips You Should Know to Reduce Malfunctions Times of Paste Filling Machines

Paste filling machine, utilizing compressed air as power, is an automatic filling system which consists of precision pneumatic components. Developed for medium viscosity or high viscosity products filling, paste filling machine is suitable for the daily chemical industry, medicine industry, printing ink industry and coating industry. It is inevitable to have problems in the usage of machines, no exception of paste filling machines. Today we will give you some advices on how to reduce malfunctions times of paste filling machines.
Semi-auto Stand Type Bottle Filler,Pneumatic Paste Filling Machine


Firstly, we need to internally look into operating principle and working mode of paste filling machine and know circuit configuration in order to bring about convenience for work. Thus, distributions and effect of spare and accessory parts of paste filling machines should be comprehended to help us better estimate and solve problems. Under this circumstance, excellent results can be achieved in a short time. Save time and labor, improving efficiency. Usually, the working principle of paste filler is that paste filling machine adopts volumetric method to measure, through the way to adjust the plunger volume to realize the control of filling quantity. The reciprocating movement of the piston achieves filling rapidly. Understand electrical diagram also can benefit you to identify and solve problems quickly.
Secondly, paste filling machine should be taken care of well. Do not place it in humid and strong static area or high-power machine disturbing area. Furthermore, clean clearly dust-free cover and sponge layer based on SOP every once in a while to ensure its normal operation. In conclusion, we need to take good care of this machine.
Thirdly, abide by site instructions of installation personnel when operate and use paste filling machine. Site environment of users is different, and aspects that need to paid attention to varies. Different details may lead to difference of operating steps. The important thing is that you need to read more about instructions.
KOS machinery provides you all kinds of paste filling machines to customers all over the world. Regarding every machine, we offer you instruction books and maintenance ways to help you better use and maintain the machine. What’s more, video service is provided too. Kos will shoot videos to instruct you how to assemble and use the machine cause of some users are new to this industry. If possible, visit our website:

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