Three-Roller Lipstick Ingredient Grinding Machine

For women, a professional and high-quality makeup is the icing on the cake. What is the makeup with high-quality? How to judge it? Typically, when women buy the makeup, one of the most important rules to figure out the right one is to judge whether it is the fine ingridents. For the cosmetic powder, a smooth and fine ingrident powder is not only for the delightful texture, but also for the perfect makeup look. The fine powder allows the skin to absorb quickly without pore clogged pores, keeping your skin healthy.

For the lisptick, the fine material enables women’s lip to be colored easily. The finer and smoother the lipstick ingrident is, the easier we colored our lips. What’s more, the fine and smooth lipstick can colored the lips evenly, creating a beautiful lips. Now comes the question: how to make the ingridents finer and smoother? The three-roller grinding machine can imrpove it when the lipstick start to manufacture. What is three-roller machine? According to the dictionary, the three-roller grinding lipstick machine is a tool for the ingridents to mix, refine, disperse or homogenize through the shear force. The shear force is casused by three horizontally positioned rolls. What are the three rolls? They are feeder roll, center roll and Apron roll from the right to left(the exit of ingridents). Nowadays, the machine is widely used to mix the ink, cosmentics, plastisols, paints, pigment, food, pharamaceuticals and glass coatings. How does the machine work? Genearlly, the ingridients becom finer and smoother because of the three rolls. The three rolls rotate at a opposite dirrections and different speeds.
hree-Roller Lipstick Ingredient Grinder Pigment Grinding Machine
lipstick machinelipstick mold

When we want to deal with the ingredients with the three-roller grinding machine, what we need to do?
1.Check the machine previously so that we can promise the machine work properly.

2.Adjust the gap between the rolls. What’s the perfect distance between the rolls? Typically, the gap distance is suggested to be greater than the particle size. A skillful worker can even judge and adjust the distance without any utility tool!! They can be adjusted and maintained mechanically and hydraulically.

3.Place the material (usually the paste) between the feeder roll and center roll. When the machine runs, the feeder roll and center roll moves in progressively higher speeds and opposite directions. Typically, a part of paste will be rejected by the feeder roll because of the narrowing space. Another part of ingredient, which has made through, encounters a very high shear force in the Apron roll. The milling cycle can be repeated several times to maximize the dispersion.

4.After finishing the job, it would be better for us to clean the machine quickly.

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