Three-Roll Lipstick Grinding Machine: Rolling In The Deep


Grinding, grinding, grinding… The grinding effect of lipstick ingredients has a great impact on the product’s quality. As we all know, the texture of products play an important role in the quality of products, especially for the makeup products. A product with a delightful texture will definitely impress the consumers with its high quality. That’s exactly what the manufacturers really want. Here comes the problem: how can they make the ingredient finer and smoother? The answer is on the three-roll grinding lipstick machine.

The three-roll grinding machine, which is also known as three-roll mill, is a cosmetic machinery to grind different kinds of ingredients such as printing ink and pigments. Thus, it is widely used in the production of cosmetic, ink, food, drink and so on. The liquid phase will be improved through a series of cutting and grinding. Basically, there are three horizontal rolls in the machine: feeder, center and apron. When the cosmetic machinery begins to work, three rolls will rotate in the opposite direction and the different speeds, through which the high shear will be produced. With the high shear force, the phase will be mixed, refined, dispersed or homogenized effectively. What we need to pay attention to before using the three-roll mill? Here are some tips for the users below.
cosmetics machinery

No.1  Make sure that there’s nothing wrong with the power line. The power linen is supposed to be a perfect one. If the wire is exposed, do not turn on the cosmetic machinery. Otherwise, the machine cannot well. What’s worse, it may lead to fire or the danger of electric shock. Besides, it is suggested to test the control buttons so that they can confirm the safety. What’s more, the cooling water should be sufficient to avoid over high temperature. Not until the users finish all confirmation, can they turn on the cosmetic machinery.

No.2  The barrels should be prepared well. Otherwise, the phase may be overflow. As long as we find something wrong with the machine, just turn off it quickly.

No.3  Place great emphasis on the horizontal rolls when using the lipstick machine. If there are some extra things on the rolls, turn off the lipstick machine at once. And then remove them away. The extra things on the rolls will not only influence the quality of products, but also it may cause security incidents.

No.4  At least 1 worker is on duty when the machine is working. Unattended machinery is not permitted.

No.5  When we finish the grinding, we are suggested to clean the lipstick machine timely. Otherwise, the remaining on the machine will shorten its lifespan.

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