Three Reasons to Choose a Homogenizer for Food Production


Homogenization is the process of converting two immiscible liquids into an emulsion (an emulsion is a type of colloid, which is a substance microscopically dispersed throughout another substance; when both the dispersed and the continuous substances are liquids, the colloid is called an emulsion). Homogenization is achieved by a mechanical device called a homogenizer. A homogenizer is one of the most popular processing devices to emulsify material, which is widely used in cosmetics daily chemicals and pharmacy industry, especially in food industry. The usage of homogenizing equipment is vital because it makes the process and manufacture easier, higher efficient and cost-effective. Detailed reasons to choose a homogenizer for food production are as follows.


  1. Stabilize food products that have long shelf-life

A homogenizer is needed for food makers and manufacturers due to produce a stable product. With it, food production will require reduced amount of additives while still producing items that possess longer shelf life. Most importantly, homogenizers allow manufacturers to be able to improve the overall composition and quality of their food products.

  1. Achieve reduction of food particle’s size

Homogenization process permits the reduction of the size of fluid-like products’ particles, like flavorings, beverages, fruit juices, and sauces. While being processed within sheer, intense pressure and turbulent conditions; the homogenizing machine works to make food items gain a more stable condition. With strong shear force of rotor and stator, material will be sheared into small even size which makes material more stable and high quality.

  1. Improves taste and texture

They also develop an improved, delicious taste and inviting texture. Such positive qualities are attained as the products are forced to go through a homogenizing valve at extremely high pressure. Depending on the particular application being used, fluid products that possess suspended particles of different sizes are subjected to the process involving a high-pressure homogenizing machine. In the end, this results in homogeneous and tiny particles ranging from .4 to 1 micron.

Under this circumstance, foods processed by homogenizers will tend to more stable, high quality and better taste. Furthermore, food makes and manufactures can save cost and reduce process time. Kos sells many kinds of homogenizers such as high shear mixer, lab homogenizer, emulsifying tank and other industrial homogenizer. You can directly order whatever you want online: If you have any technical problems which you can’t solve, we customer service will provide you professional solutions. Just summit your problems to our email:

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