Three Key Physical Quantities to Evaluate Emulsifying Machine

Emulsifying system and emulsification equipment develops very well as the rapid development of industry in China. As the widely application in the whole industrial field such as chemical engineering, food, construction materials, drugs and chemical fertilizer, almost every product we used in the daily time has at least one emulsification process. Emulsification means physically mixture of two or more material without any chemical changes. It can be defined as emulsification automatically and mechanically emulsification. Emulsification automatically means homogenization achieved by friction among movement of materials; mechanically emulsification is homogenization achieved by mechanical positive action. Usually, gas emulsification is homogenization automatically. Three-dimensional emulsification equipment is the combination of automatic emulsification and mechanical emulsification. Three key physical quantities should be known to assess whether the emulsifying machine is good or not.

The degree of uniformity is physical quantity to analyze whether material mixture is good or not. From probability, we can easily get the degree of uniformity is defined by emulsifying device categories. Generally speaking, emulsifying machines can be divided into several categories: high shear homogenizer, bottom entry homogenizer, homogenizer pump and other industrial homogenizers. Among this, high shear homogenizer is the most common emulsifying machine for the daily chemical industry. High shear homogenizer with claw type head can reach the best emulsion result because it is two-way suction feeding way for universal. Two-way hyperbolic circulation vortices within the container, the upper material is difficult to avoid the kettle body caused by suction corner, emulsification homogeneous more thoroughly.

Dead angle is the physical phenomenon that material can’t be emulsified inside the container. The percent of dead angle is one of the key elements to assess the emulsifying machine. Among KOS super quality emulsifying machines, high shear homogenizer is the most popular because it emulsifies material with almost zero dead angle. Firstly, the powerful suction created by the high speed rotation of the rotor blades draws both liquid and solid ingredients into the work head where they are rapidly mixed. Secondly, it has an impeller in the middle of shaft to cut and shear material thoroughly. Thirdly, there are wall scrapers which can clear remaining material on the wall of tank. Please see following the schematic diagram.
high shear homogenizer schematic diagram
Emulsifying time means the whole process period from starting to end. It is defined by emulsifying machines categories and types. Kos high shear homogenizer has three kinds of work heads including mesh type, long hole type, round type and claw type head. The former three types can achieve the same emulsion result with the one of claw type head if they proceed a much longer time.

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