Those Features Really Make The Inline Mixer Work Effectively

Distinguished from the other emulsifying mixer, the inline mixer is well-known for its elimination of quality discrepancy varying from batch to batch. It is high-capacity equipment which produces and circularly treats refined materials. As long as the machine begins to work, the phase will be thrown into the narrow space between stator and rotor. Making it through the operation of dispersion, shearing and emulsification, the products will become stable and fine for a long period. Different from the other ordinary emulsifying mixer, the inline mixer works efficiently because of these factors.

The inline mixer is characterized by its high performance continuous production and circular processing of fine materials. Created by the motor, the high shear force will improve the emulsification effects. The narrow space, where the phases are expect to be sheared, centrifugally extruding, impacted and broken, allows the phases to be sheared completely. Different from the other emulsifying mixers, the inline one has at least 1-3 groups of rotational rotors and stationary stators. As soon as the liquid phase enter the chamber, all groups of stators and rotors start to run at a high speed. Encountering the stators and rotors, the phase will be dispersed, sheared and emulsified in the narrow space. With the continuously same operation of rotors and stators, the phase will be fully emulsified. Thus, not only will the groups of stators and rotors allow the phase to be emulsified in all direction, but also it will finish the emulsifying jobs in a short time. The inline mixer can save the working time and enhance the quality of products. Icing on the cake, the continuous operation of shearing, dispersion and emulsification enable the phase to be homogenized nicely in that the grain size distribution range of inline mixer is narrow. With the continuously dispersing, shearing and emulsifying process, the liquid phase will come out with finest and smoothest texture. It can overcome the quality discrepancy among batches.

The discharge and feed hole on the mixer body also make the inline homogenizer effective and efficient. The feed hole whose pipe is suggested to connect with the discharge hole of the bucket improves the emulsification quickly and effectively. This design allows the feed hole of inline mixer to absorbed a part of materials to the stators and rotors directly, enhancing work efficiency. The phase will be transferred from the chamber to the bucket again through the discharging pipe. The inline mixer is also well known for its quiet and stable running so that the users can figure out the breakdown of mixer quickly.

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