The mixture liquid which sheared by the Vacuum Emulsifying Equipment has good stability

Vacuum high shear emulsifying equipment is generally used in the treatment of high-end emulsions, creams, suspensions and other mixed liquid products. It is very popular in the fields of cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food and chemicals. The high efficiency, safety and convenience of its production are among the most important factors to be sought after. Another key factor is the stability of the liquid mixture cut by the vacuum emulsifier. Just to evaluate the properties of the mixed emulsion, in addition to considering the dispersibility and rheology, the most important factor is the stability of the mixed emulsion. Because emulsions are thermodynamically unstable systems, phase separation is easy to occur when placed. There are many factors affecting the stability of the emulsion, such as the choice of emulsifier, the amount, the amount of emulsified water, the emulsification temperature, the time, the shear rate of the emulsification equipment, etc., and the influence of the emulsifier equipment is great. A mature formulation process is complemented by advanced emulsification equipment to achieve a stable product.

Sanitary Cosmetic Homogenizer Mixer

The KOSBEST vacuum emulsifier shear dispersion system designed by German technology can be used in a short time to obtain a narrow particle size distribution, as well as smaller droplets and particles, so that the stability of the quickly formed mixture is better. Moreover, due to the stable machine performance of the vacuum emulsifier, the batch product has good uniformity and stable quality, and no other auxiliary dispersing equipment is needed, which not only ensures product quality, but also improves production efficiency and reduces energy consumption. Choose KOSBEST high quality vacuum emulsifying Equipment to create high quality products!

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