The Inline Mixer Will Tell You The Story Of Perfect Emulsification

Typically, the inline mixer is a machine to disperse, dissolve, refine, homogenize and emulsify one or more immiscible phases. Making it through the emulsification, the mixture will be stable and high-high quality for a long period. In a word, the inline mixer is a machine designed to distribute one or several phases to another continuous phase evenly and effectively. Widely applied in cosmetics, food, beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical, paint & ink industry etc, the inline mixer will definitely show you the perfect emulsification.

Distinguished from the other emulsifier, the inline one is assembled with 1-3 groups of dual-geared stators and rotors of multilayer in the chamber. The groups of rotational rotors and stationary stators provide the mixer with high shear force. Not only will the groups of rotors shear the phase more quickly, efficiently and evenly, but also it can improve the emulsion. As the mixer begins to work, the centrifugal force is created by the fast-running rotors. With the centrifugal force, the phase will be absorbed into the narrow space between stator and rotor at once from the feeding hole. The feeding whole of inline mixer, whose pipe is connected with the discharge hole of the container, enables the liquid phase to be transferred as soon as it possible. When the liquid phase reaches the chamber, the rotor begins to shear the particles of phase into small pieces. With the fast running of several rotors, the particles will get smaller and smaller. Not until the rotors finish its job, will the phase be transferred to the top of bucket. With the strong force, the finished liquid phase will be transported to the bucket from the discharge hole of mixer. This high performance mixer can also be used for continuous production, reducing and eliminating quality discrepancy among batches production.
inline homogenizer

What we need to mention here is the running mixer with two or more groups of stators and rotors. Take the high shear emulsifier with two groups of occlusal multilayer stators as an example. As long as the phase absorbed into the chamber, it will enter the first group of rotor and stator. After a series of emulsifying operation, the phase will be slide to the next group. Finishing all groups of working area, the liquid phase will be thrown from the chamber to the bucket. With the shearing force of multilayer, the texture of phase must be delightful and perfect. The inline mixer will definitely give you amazing emulsification.

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