The Influence of Emulsifying Pumps on Beverage Industry

Nowadays, emulsification techniques play a more and more significant part in modern industry production. The emulsifying process, in technical terms, is a process of dispersion and homogenization of the dispersed phase particles in the suspension liquid or emulsified liquid. It can reduce the size of dispersed particles and improve the uniformity of their distribution simultaneously so that products with proper storage stability can be obtained. The importance of emulsification is not only reflected in chemical industry but also in food industry. While in beverage industry, it cannot do without emulsification and homogenization. In normal conditions, there are emulsifying pumps in the pipelines of beverage production lines. The last processing step in beverage industry is the emulsification process, so the feed liquid through emulsifying pumps is usually the final product of beverages. Well, what does the emulsion pump do to the materials?

Emulsifying Pumps

Application of Emulsifying Pumps in Bean Beverage Production Lines
Bean beverages are a kind of vegetable protein drinks or beverage powder made of soybeans as the main raw material. There are a lot of fibrous substances and vegetable protein in soybeans after being milled. Under the function of an emulsion pump, they are more conducive to the absorption of human bodies and improve the quality of bean drinks.

Application of Emulsifying Pumps in Dairy Beverage Production Lines
As we know, there are lots of protein and fat globules in dairy beverages. Inline mixer help to prevent fat floating and increase the amount of protein on the surface of fat globules to ease the thickening phenomenon, increase the gloss of dairy products, and improve the taste and stability as well.

Application of Emulsifying Pumps in Juice Beverage Production Lines
As there are different particle sizes and flesh of different relative densities in mixed fruit and vegetable juice, emulsion pumps can further disperse and homogenize particle sizes of the flesh, thus promoting the exudation of pectin, increase the affinity of fruit juice and pectin, and inhibit the delamination and precipitation of fruit and vegetable juice to make it stable and improve the digestibility.

Application of Emulsifying Pumps in Coffee Beverage Production Lines
Dairy products are usually added to coffee beverages, so the phenomenon of fat and protein floating and mixing unevenly appears. By using emulsion pumps, coffee beverages are made to be more smooth because the particles in them are much finer to mix the coffee and another liquid phase or solid phase evenly. Therefore, the stability of beverages are increased and the density difference between liquid is reduced to prevent fat floating and delaminating and protein precipitating.

In summary, the last step of processing beverages is emulsification. By means of emulsification from emulsifying machines, the thick liquid, juice and liquid in raw materials can be refined and mixed to improve the evenness and fineness of products, prevent or reduce the delamination, increase the amount of protein on the surface of fat globules, ease the thickening phenomenon, increase the gloss, and improve the digestibility, stability as well as taste.

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