The Greater The Blades Can Make The Lipstick Heating &Ffilling Machine Will Work More Efficiently

There perhaps no machine as universally flattering as the heating & filling machine to make the lipstick liquid phase fully blended, heated, stirred and filled. With the machine, it is easier and more convenient for us to fill the lipstick molds. Before we fill the molds, two steps must be taken measure: heating and stirring. With the stirring and heating, the quality of liquid phase will be improved nicely. Considered as one of the most important parts of the heating & filling machine, the blade is equipped at the bottom of blender. It can accelerate the heating and blending processes, improving work efficiency.

Based on the blades, some people believed that the more contact surface between phases and blades, the higher performance the machine will be. The blades whose contact surface with materials is large can enhance the heating and blending processes effectively. Yes, that’s exactly what the manufacturers want. There’s nothing better than using a high performance machine in the lipstick production. How can the blades promote the heating and blending processes? Firstly we would like to show you why it is suggested to agitate the phase in the heating& filling bucket. Generally, there are 6 targets for the agitation to achieve. They are dispersion for liquid-liquid, gas-liquid, solid-liquid and solid or heat transfer respectively. As soon as we put the lipstick phase into the bucket, the blender begins to agitate. Creating strong shear force by the motor, the blender can shear the particles again. Under this circumstance, the energy will be transferred by the blades. And then the energy will be transferred again from the blades to the liquid. The energy will motivate the liquid which have a close touch with the blades. Thus the liquid will run at a high speed too. The fast-running liquid will step up efforts to push on those liquid being move later. Finally, the whole liquid at the bucket will run everywhere.

Adding the contact surface between phase and blade will definitely bring more energy to the liquid. Not only can it allow the liquid to move faster, but also it can improve the work efficiency. With the fast-running liquid, the phase will be fully blended quickly, efficiently and evenly. Besides, the greater blades can accelerate the heat transfer. It can not only disperse the phase as soon as possible, but also improve the heat in the bucket. It can heating at a constant temperature, improving the blending process. The blade is so important that heating & lipstick filling machine with dual blades is preferred and selected by more and more users.

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