That’s Exactly What Makes The Inline Mixer Marvelous

Featuring in its stable and high performance, the inline mixer is preferred and selected by more and more manufacturers. It is widely used in the fine chemistry, pharmacy, food and daily chemicals. Not only can it shear the materials fully, but also it can improve the quality of products. The fast-running rotor allows the materials to be absorbed into narrow space and finally it will be fully emulsified through shearing, centrifugally extruding, impacting and breaking, liquid layer attrition and even turbulence. Here comes the problem. What’s difference between the inline mixer and the common one?

Distinguish from the common high shear emulsifier, the inline one is characterized by its 1-3 groups of occlusal multilayer stators and rotors. Although both of them share the similar principle of work, the perfect match of stators and rotors on inline mixer improve the emulsification. The fast-running rotor enables the inline mixer to create strong high shear force, dispersing, breaking and emulsifying the materials completely. The groups of stators and rotors improve the emulsification efficiently and effectively. What’s more, the inline mixer provides manufacturers with continuous production. Thus, the inline mixer is also give name as continuous high shear emulsifier. The liquid phase will be transferred to the emulsifier through the discharge hole of the bucket. As long as the liquid materials enter the mixer, they will be fully emulsified in the shortest time. Meanwhile, the liquid phases, which have already finishing emulsification, will be transferred to the bucket again. This process can run circularly refine materials. Therefore, the discharge hole and feed hole designs will improve the work efficiently.
Inline Mixer Emulsifier 5.5KW Single Stage Homogenizing Pump

Generally, the inline mixer is famous for its continuous production. It can treat a large quantity of materials each time. Thus, the inline mixer can reduce and eliminate quality discrepancy caused by batch production effectively. Not only can it improve the quality discrepancy, but also it can save time and energy consumption. Since the mixer can produce a large quantity of materials at the same time, the emulsifying time is shortened while works effectively. Apart from these, the inline mixer is also featuring in its narrow range of particle size distribution, allowing the materials to be emulsified evenly, quickly and efficiently. The inline emulsification will make the finished products fine and stable for a long period. The inline mixer is also warmly chased by manufacturers for its quiet operation. With all these amazing factors, the inline mixer can greatly enhance the quality.

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