Technical Process of Vacuum Homogenizer


Vacuum homogenizer is mainly used in chemistry engineering, pharmacy, organisms, food etc. Currently, it usually adopts traditional relay control system and operator needs to manually input orders or data based on experience and instrument display. Vacuum homogenizer is made up of emulsifying pot, water phrase pot, oil phrase pot, vacuum unit, temperature control system, and electric control system. Its main technical process is as follows.

Melt raw material of oil solubility in the oil phrase pot, water solubility in the water phrase pot separately and keep the temperature around 80℃, and then pass the raw material of oil and water heated by vapor though filter to emulsifying tank in the purpose of  agitating, emulsifying and vacuum degassing. After cooling, add the essence and continue cooling to the required temperature. Finally, discharge the material when it recovers to normal pressure. The detailed technical process is as follows.

Vacuum Homogenizer

  1. Start the agitating motor of oil and water phrase after feeding material to the two pots, and online set the rotate speed of the motor;
  2. Start the control temperature of oil and water phrase pots after setting its control temperature;
  3. When initially finish dealing with the raw material of oil and water phrase pot, start discharging pump which will be pumped into the emulsifying tank of oil and water phrase pot;
  4. Stop discharging pump when material in the oil and water phrase pot is fully mixed in the emulsifying tank. Then start the hydromantic motor and pan down the main agitator and homogenizing agitator. Hydromantic motor stops working and manually rotates tightly the sealing valve when it is down to the place;
  5. After sealing the vacuum homogenizing emulsifying tank, start the main agitator and homogenizing agitator. The rotate speed will be rose from zero to user’s set point and can be changed online according to different processing requirements;
  6. Start the vacuum pump motor, correspondingly, negative pressure in the emulsifying tank continues larger and finally will reach user’s set point. At that moment, the motor would stop working automatically;
  7. Initiate temperature control of emulsifying tank, which will automatically proceed to heat the emulsifying tank. Control methods adopt PID constant temperature control, under which circumstance, material in the emulsifying tank will be heated to use’s setting temperature;
  8. After accomplishing emulsion, decrease the negative pressure of emulsifying tank through vent. Open discharge valve and drain the emulsion when the pressure reaches to zero.

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