Tablet Tooling: 3 Solutions for Multi-tip Design

As one of the worlds professional tablet press and tablet tooling manufacturer and supplier, KOSBEST have been committed in introducing creative and innovative techniques to the pharmaceutical machinery and tools. We aware of the demand for increasing productivity in modern tablet manufacturing, and multi-tip tooling will be an overwhelming trend within all the tablet tooling designs.

We are always making every effort to ensure that our punches and dies are at very leading edge to make quality tablets and to keep our customers at a very competitive position. 3 types of multi-tip tooling are consequently developed, the monoblock multi-tip tooling, the multi-tip with external cap fixing, and the multi-tip with internal cap fixing, each of which has its specific advantages and features.


 Monoblock Multi-tips

Monoblock multi-tip design should be machined from a single integrated piece of steel, without any single separated part on. This design has its unique advantage:

▪ With an intact solid construction, it is an easy work to clean and maintain. Compared with the composite design, it takes a smaller risk of product contamination and cross-contamination.

▪ No need for assembly and disassembly.

▪ No joint and seals for small parts, which avoids abrasion and damage.

However, disadvantages still exist at the same time.

▪ Once a little damage or abrasion occurs, it is very hard to repair and no small part could be replaced. The only solution is to replace a whole punch tooling.

▪ Monoblock multi-tip design is only suitable to embrace 2-4 tips on. More tips must bear larger pressure, which forms a broken risk for the punches.

▪ Monoblock design requires a quite high and strict manufacturing techniques. And this will be a high investment.


 Internal Cap Fixing Multi-tips

With the cap fitting inside the punch body, this design has a seamless punch barrel, which protects turret and punch guide from friction during turret running. Compared with the monoblock design, it has following features.

▪ Every part is separated segment including the punch tip, then any worn and damaged tips could be replaced individually.

▪ Seamless joint largely reduces the possibility of contamination and cross-contamination, ensuring the tablets produced with high quality.

▪ Cap fixing is set to guarantee a specific torque to prevent every individual part from working loose. In this case, less fiction and abrasion is caused.

▪ It should be disassemble before cleaning and maintaining, and assemble when put on production. During the frequent assemble and disassemble, punch dies are more easily to be damaged.



 External Cap Fixing Multi-tips

As the cap fixing is fitted outside the body of the punch, this design allows more tips to be located on each punch, even the tips with 1 mm in diameter. In this case, external cap fixing multi-tips are usually to used to make very small pills in bulk production. Features are listed as follows:

▪ More tips on every single punch is allowed, and smaller size of every tip can be achieved.

▪ Small parts or tips can be individually replaced when they are worn or damaged. So it is no need to replace a whole punch mold as a small worn occurs.

▪ Material selection can be optimized. Different part of the punch can be fabricated and coated with different materials as every part would have special requirements.

▪ Assemble and disassemble work can not be neglected. And during this work before and after cleaning and maintaining, the tablets may be polluted.


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