Tablet Press Machine Purchasing Guide: Learn about Critical Information of the Tablet Machine

It’s obvious that the advent of the tablet press machine brought a great revolution in the tablets making industry. To keep up to date, we should be aware of this change and modernize our manufacturing process. Therefore, here’s a detailed guide that will let you get a deep insight into what actually these machines are:

Basic introduction

A tablet press is a mechanical device that compresses powder into tablets of uniform size and weight. Owing to its high usability, efficiency and quick production, it is widely used in multiple industries, including pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry. Depending on the tablet material, shape, size and press configuration, a contemporary press machine can deliver up to 250,000 to approximately 1,000,000 tablets per hour.

pills making machine , rotary tablet machine


The pill making machine is composed of different components that ensure the quality of the output to be unmatched.

  1. Hopper – Before the compression actually takes, the powder granules are poured onto it. It can be filled using a mechanical equipment or manually.
  2. Dies Or Die Cavity – These are responsible for maintaining the size and shape of the tablet. It has a cavity, where the granules get compressed and take the form of a tablet.
  3. Punches – The machine consists of two punches, i.e. upper punch and lower punch. Both of these punches are used to compress the powder into varied sized tablets.
  4. Cam Truck – This part of the machine is responsible for the proper positioning of the punches.
  5. Tablet Adjuster – This keeps a check on the weight of the tablet by adjusting the powder’s volume to be compressed.
  6. Ejection Adjuster – As the name suggests, this component ejects the tablet from the die.

 rotary tablet press machine , application


The major types of these machines can not be ignored and you should select the suitable one according to your needs. They are classified as under :

  1. Pill press– It involves single set of tooling and is also known as single station and eccentric presses.
  2. Rotary tablet press– It involves several stations of tooling and is also known as multiple station presses.


How Is The Tablet Formed?

The punches and the die perform a combined pressing action to form a tablet. First of all, a cavity is created in the die by lowering the bottom punch and the granular powder is fed into it. If there is excess amount of powder, it gets scraped down and the punch gets temporarily covered. After the removal of this temporary cover, the upper punch is brought, which together with the lower punch forms the tablet. To compress the tablet properly, the high pressure compression rolls deliver a great force of compression and lastly, the tablet is ejected.

This article is a detailed beginner’s guide to the tablet press machines that you should be aware of, and your business can reach new horizons of efficiency if such types of new techniques are adopted.




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