Why is this rose lipstick mold made of aviation aluminum ?

lipstick molds for saleAviation aluminum is an Al-Mg alloy that is able to bear high temperature up to several thousand degrees and huge impact through some special process such as high-temperature oxidation, which is widely thought to be an aluminum product with high strength and great anti-corrosion property. At the beginning, a large quantity of Al-Mg alloy was applied to aviation supplies manufacturing and some other high-tech fields for its lightness and durability. That’s why it is called aviation aluminum.


In last ten years, aviation aluminum is increasingly used in making household cookers and decorations, which has been a new fashion trend. The capacity of corrosion resistance and  fastness enable this environment friendly material becomes the first choice with regard to household articles. Several years ago, our factory has turned attention to making lipstick molds with this material in view of the satisfactory practical application.


lipstick-moldLipstick, the easiest-to-own luxury, has become an essential part of life for women all over the world. No one can put on perfect makeup without a lipstick or gloss, therefore, for some people, they almost eat lipsticks everyday! Apart from harmless ingredient, tools, in particular of safe molds, can not be ignored. As a responsible manufacturer and seller, we refuse to pass common aluminum off as aviation aluminum to obtain price advantage. So that we are capable to guarantee the lipstick finish will not do harm to people’s health. No matter for factory made lipsticks or homemade lipsticks, they are all supposed to be produced by harmless and high quality lipstick molds that made of aviation aluminum. However, they are metal after all, please remember that clean your mold before using it.


In addition to safeness, aesthetics is also valued. To stand out from millions of cosmetics competitors, you need to have your own competitive edge and product image is an aspect should be taken into consideration. At least, they can catch the eye of customers. Just like the rose type lipstick mold, one of the most beautiful molds in our shop, is able to make lipstick finish like a rose. After all, women cannot resist the attractiveness of rose. For more information about this rose type lipstick mold, please visit: http://www.lipstickmolds.com/products/lipstick-molds/12-cavity-lipstick-molds/custom-made-12-cavity-aluminum-lipstick-molds-for-rose-shape-1589.html




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