Simple Production Line for Supplement Manufacturing

Nowadays people are increasingly focusing on their health and body building. Apart from taking exercise course, they will try to take in some supplement to help them build and shape a healthy body. Mineral and nutrient supplement for microelement replenishing, weight-loss and dietary supplement for body shaping, and herbal and officinal supplement for disease prevention and treatment. And more and more new supplements are developed as there is a need and market. This category can cover a range of applications and conditions including: beauty, fertility, endocrine system, bone & joint health, and mood enhancement. The pharmaceutical manufacturer, therefore, noticed this speculative opportunity, and started to supplement manufacturing business.


It’s like the western medicine production that the supplement production is not an facile work. There are many industrial processes before the supplement finished. Every process is critical that must reach a certain effect, and quite pharmaceutical machines and tools are involved. To start the business of supplement manufacturing, you must prepare a complete production line which starts from raw material treatment.


Then how to convert the raw materials into supplement tablet? The pulverizer or the cutter should be the head of this production line. It is used to cut the block material into small pieces so that they are conducive to be extracted their active ingredients in the extraction pot. The drying machine and oven, granlator, pelletizer, and mixing machine are all to prepare the extracted materials become dry and fluent before tableting. The tablet presser and coating machine is used to compact the granules into tablet shape. And the rotary tablet making machine is suitable for bulk production for the big factories. Finally to pack or bottle the finished supplement with bottle or aluminum plate.


The whole supplement production line should be summarized as follows:

Raw material → Pulverize → Extract →Granulate → Dry → Pelletize → Mix → Compress → Coat → Pack → Carton

Simple Production Line


However, there are many types of a pulverizer or extracter with different parameters. So how to match and organize a reasonable supplement productions line is a professional job. We KOSBEST Industry is experienced in pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, so we have a good grasp in the pharmaceutical machinery information. The production line should be custom designed and assembled in accordance to the your business demands. We can help design a concise production line for small labs or start-up factories for the small batch production, and a mature line for the experienced pharma companies.

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