Several Ways to Clean High shear Homogenizer


Kos high shear homogenizer is one of the most popular emulsifying machines. Our high shear mixer is pollution-free to materials, lower energy consumption, and mechanical seal for sanitary operation. Moreover, all wetted parts are grade 304 or 316 stainless steel, which is easy to clean. Cleaning is the important step for the maintenance of high shear homogenizer. Common cleaning ways for high shear homogenizer during the production of food, pharmacy, daily chemicals and chemical engineering are as follows: soak cleaning, brush cleaning, sonic cleaning, CIP cleaning system and jet cleaning. Compatible cleaning varies due to different specifications, designed complexity and processed material of high shear emulsifying machines. For instance, regarding small equipment for ordinary material, it’s easier to clean the machine; special requirements are needed for special chemical components. Today five common cleaning ways will be described in details.

high shear homogenizer

  • Soak Cleaning

It’s an easy cleaning way, which using chemical energy and thermal energy transformed by cleaning agent made of fixed temperature and ph indicator to soften and dissolve remaining material which is easy to adhere to tank.

  • Jet Cleaning

It’s a very common way for cleaning. Under some certain pressure, spray some detergent or pure water to places of high shear homogenizer where need to be cleaned through nozzle inside the tank, which can wipe dirty off easily.

  • Brushing Cleaning

Brush dirty with rotary rinse, which has a better cleaning result.

  • Sonic Cleaning

Regarding for some high shear homogenizers which require high cleanliness, sonic cleaning is the best way because ordinary cleaning ways can’t achieve some cleaning ways.

  • CIP Cleaning System

CIP (Clean-in-place) cleaning system is widely used in high degree of mechanization food production such as beverage, dairy food, fruit juice, comfiture, jam and wine. As for producing equipment which requires very strict sanitation, CIP cleaning ways can be adopted.

Above 5 common cleaning ways are not only for high shear homogenizers, but also for whole emulsifying unit production line. Different device compound mode adopts various cleaning ways. Generally speaking, large-scale or multiple quantities production equipment and higher cleanliness require more complicated cleaning ways. We Kos is specialized is emulsifying machines such as high shear mixer, lab homogenizer, bottom emulsifying pumps and other industrial homogenizers for many years. We always believe quality is priority. Please kindly visit our website for more useful information:

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