Seven Advantages of KOS High Shear Emulsifier

The high shear emulsifier is one kind of the emulsifying machines. It can shear two immiscible phases at high speed with the shear force created by high speed rotation of the stator and rotor, thus distributing one or more phases into another continuous phase. The rotor revolves very fast to generate high tangential velocity and high frequency mechanical effect, which makes materials go through the narrow gap between the stator and the rotor under the combined effect of shear, centrifugal extrusion, liquid layer friction, impact, tear and turbulence. In this way, the immiscible phases are evenly and finely dispersed and emulsified with the high shear emulsifying machine, additives and high frequency cycle.

The machine has strong ability to shear, impact and compress. It can micronize, emulsify, mix, homogenize and disperse materials in quite a short time. The emulsifier can work in a state of ordinary pressure, vacuum or positive pressure with stable performance, low noise, easy cleaning and great flexibility. It does well in dispersing and emulsifying materials to be hyperfine and it can work continuously. The emulsifier is designed for batch production, which adopts the structure of claw type and double suction. This design also avoids dead corners and whirlpools caused by inaccessible upper materials.
high shear emulsifier

Nowadays, the functions of mixing, crushing, dispersing and emulsifying of high shear technology can effectively solve the problems of crushing and emulsifying of all kinds of materials. Compared with traditional production process, this machine features low energy consumption as well as production. As for advantages, they are as follows.

1. The high shear emulsifier can deal with large batch production. In each batch of production, the products are stable and consistent in quality, so the machine helps to achieve products of high quality.
2. With KOS High Shear Emulsifier, the distribution of product particles is narrow and the uniformity is much better and more delicate.
3. The emulsifying machine runs very fast and efficiently. It is energy saving and has high production efficiency.
4. By using KOS High Shear Emulsifier, materials can be completely dispersed by emulsification without any dead angle.
5. The emulsifier is made of stainless steel with simple structure, which also makes it easy to clean.
6. The machine has the functions of mixing, crushing, dispersing and emulsifying. Besides, it has suction and low lift delivery ability.
7. The machine has the characteristics of low noise, smooth operation and convenient maintenance.

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