Rotary Tablet Press: How to Inspect Turn Table

Turn Table, called rotary table or turret in some cases, is one of the most essential parts on rotary tablet press machine, which embraces punch guides and tablet tooling. As the most active part, the turn table works in the whole compression process and plays a huge role in affecting the quality of tablets. Inspecting the turn table, hence, is an essential part of regular maintenance.

Inspecting the turn table including two points: the punch guide alignment and die pocket wear. To get down to the inspection job, we have to recognize that visual inspection is nearly impossible. We need to utilize the inspection tool to help assess the condition of turn table. In this paper, we will show how to inspect the turn table with the help of tools step by step. Need more assistance? Contact us by email

Follow the descriptions below:

  1. Insert the alignment tool from upper punch guide, to die table and lower punch guide to check whether the turn table is in good alignment.inspect turn table on tablet compression machine tablet machine
  2. Make sure turret has fine alignment, then put the inspection die into the die insertion ring.inspect turn table on tablet machine
  3. Tap the die into die table by a die driving rod.regular inspection of tablet compression machine tablet press machine
  4. Then set the die locking screws in to lock middle die.tablet compression machine 4
  5. Lightly tighten the screws by hand with an Allen wrench, and a preset torque wrench to further tighten.tablet compression machine 5
  6. Use the alignment rod to inspect whether the alignment of punch guides and die table is properly correct. If so, the alignment should easily slide into and out of the die pocket. If the rod strikes the die, the die pocket may be worn.
  7. tablet compression machine 6

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Above Pictures cited from Natoli.


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