Purchase and Use of Punch Dies

We all know the importance of punch dies. Good punch dies are the quality assurance of productivity and efficiency. Before you buy the punch dies for your tablet press, make sure you choose a good company that provides you with good service and high-quality products.

Tablet is the most common form of pharmaceutical medicines because it is convenient to take, and punch die is an indispensable accessory on the tablet press, which is the most commonly used tablet machine. After the tablet press is selected, the next question is how to choose the right punch dies. This is an important matter because there are many cases where the newly purchased tablet presses do not work normally due to improper selections of punch dies.

The latest CAD / CAM technology is used in the punch die production, along with advanced alloy steel, excellent heat treatment technology and scientific testing means.

Punch dies are good helper when it comes to tablets making or pill making. There are a wide variety of punch dies. How do we tell the difference? In fact, we can differentiate them by different equipment, different materials, different standards and different shapes. Once you know what kind of pills or tablets you want to make, you can start to choose the right punch dies for your tablet press. According to the uses of different equipment, there are punch dies of the single punch tablet press, punch dies of the rotary tablet press, punch dies of the flower basket typed tablet press and punch dies of the pressing machine.

According to the different materials used, there are alloy steel punch dies, carbide punch dies, ceramic punch dies, chrome punch dies and titanium punch dies. The most common materials of domestic punch die are GCr15, Crl2MoV, CrWuMn, 9Mn2V, 9CrSi and the most common materials of imported punch die are A2, O1, S1, S7, PHG.S, PHG-P.

According to the different standards, there are ZP standard (GB12253.90) punch dies, also called tablet tooling. IPT international standard punch dies, EU standard punch dies and various customized special tablet press punch dies and battery ring punch dies; (high speed tablet press punch dies standard JB / T20080.1-2006 (T series).

According to different shapes, there are round punch dies, special-shaped punch dies, shallow concave punch dies, deep concave punch dies, beveled punch dies, lettering punch dies and annular punch dies.

According to different purposes of use, there are pill dies for tablets, punch dies for effervescent tablet machines and battery ring punch dies.


This article is about the purchase and use of punch dies.


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