Now that it is easily to find many bloggers create sugar scrubs, powders, lipsticks and lotions or even sell their own cosmetics on Etsy. While there are some good natural alternatives that you can buy, the cheapest, easiest and most natural way is to just make your own. Not to mention the fact that some of them are able to earn money by doing it, there is no doubt that both health and enjoyment can be gained in the process of DIY cosmetics at home.

Take the easiest one – DIY lipsticks for example, these homemade lipsticks let you design a personalized lipstick color that is chemical free and inexpensive to make. As a savvy consumer, you are not likely to refuse such good thing.

However, for DIY lipsticks addicts, the tools are usually too big and expensive, thus a feeling of  “wasteful and uneconomical” comes subsequently. In the last few months, quite a few orders for small lipstick molds from DIY lipstick addicts were received. But under the pressure of satisfying large-scale lipsticks manufacturers, we had to give priority to making multi-cavity lipstick molds and declined those who want to buy small lipstick molds from us.

At our marketing department’s insistence, our factory squeeze out the time to produce a batch of single cavity lipstick molds and four cavity lipstick molds to meet the requirements. These small lipstick molds also made in ultra hard aluminum material, possessing the overwhelming characteristic including but not limited to high hardness, high decay, polishing processing and anti-wear ability. As compensation, each customer who buy a single cavity lipstick mold or four cavity lipstick mold can get a free lipstick tubes. All of these lipstick containers are stylish designed and made in new plastic material with excellent performance. Generally speaking, a single lipstick tube is not easily to buy and tend to be expensive. In other word, although we do not sell a single lipstick tube, we give away a lipstick tube to our customers. Not only a free gift, prompt delivery can be got when buying one of the two above products.

Here are some pictures of the small lipstick molds for reference.

cheap lipstick mold

lipstick making kits with molds

You could choose one of the following lipstick containers as a free gift:

lipstick tube

lipstick mold4

lipstick mold5

All the above products can be found in our online shop:

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