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To keep nutrient and micro-elements balanced in body, people are taking more heed of their diet regulation, and many of them are aware of the necessity of nutriment replenishment. In such cases, the supplements, therefore, come into being and even take a big market, especially in the form of tablets which is convenient to carry around and swallow. The advent of supplement tablets help to fill the nutritional gap in the daily diet. Most common supplement tablets are accepted like vitamins, calcium, minerals, weight-loss tablets, body-building tablets, herbal tablets, and nutritional tablets etc.

nutritional tablet manufacturing

Within the each tablet category there is customization that can greatly enrich the product experience. The nutrient tablets can be compacted from granules on the tablet press machine, and coated with colorful sugar around going with full lustre on the coating machine. And also some interesting tablets, like the geometric shaped and irregular shaped tablets, can be created on special equipment like ZP35 tablet press. Geometric shapes include squares, triangles, diamonds, etc, while irregular shapes can be hearts, stars, moons, animals, cartoons, etc. And imprint options are available from brands, formula name, dosing amount, any characters and numbers, which can be imprinted in the tablet’s exterior within the allowable space limits.

Category Options Coating Options Shape Options Imprint Options
Bi-layed Color Coated Round Blank
Time-Release Sugar Coated Capsule Imprinted
Sublingual Enteric Coated Oval
Chewable Film Coated Geometric
Effervescent Pharmaceutical Glazed Irregular

Anyway, there’s no denying that tablets are one of the most popular nutraceutical delivery methods available today. But do you know how does the tablets to be made? Apart from the raw materials, the well-crafted nutritional formula and tablet making machines are also indispensable. Tablet press ZP35 is a versatile machine that can make tablets in special shapes and sizes. Different from the general tablet press, ZP35 is equipped with two feeding systems, which makes it possible to make bi-layed tablets by completing twice feeding and tableting orderly. Furthermore, you can get core tablets or annular tablets on this machine if you install the exact tablet tooling.

ZP35 Tablet press

If you are considering a nutritional and supplement tablets manufacturing line, you must know that it is not that easy as it seems to be. There are so many work to do before you set about, like conducting a market research and a competitor analysis, and planing the production line. Please must grasp the demands of your target customers, for instance, to make colorful lovely calcium tablets for the children and teenagers, and flavored tablets for disease prevention for the old. Contact us for the help of tablet manufacturing line


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