Methods to Deal with Possible Malfunctions of Oil Filling Machine


Filling machine is a small class of packaging machine. From perspective of packaging material, it can be divided into liquid filling machine, paste filling machine, powder filling machine, granule filling machine. From perspective of the degree of automation, it includes semi-automatic filling machines and automatic filling line. According to working principle, it can be classified into normal pressure filling machines pressure filling machines, water filling machines, vacuum filling machines, oil filling machines and sauce filling machine etc. And currently, with more attention to the quality and package of product, oil filling machines play a more and more significant role in filling machines. Oil filling machine is suitable for filling edible oil, honey and lubricating oil, which have some certain liquidity or viscosity or no viscosity. In addition, it’s ideal for all kinds of bottles and barrels. Today we will talk about some methods to deal with possible malfunctions.

filling machine

  • How can we do when filling volumeis unstable?
  1. Check the joint betweenoil inlet of filling machine and wired hose has air leakage or not. If any bubbles exist, please tighten it up with iron wire or steel wire until no air leakage.
  2. Inspect is there anything dirty or particles inside the copper one-way valve. If has, please clear it.
  3. Examine the magnet switchof cylinder stator is fixed or not. Pay attention not to overexert.
  4. Change V type of seal ring of oil cylinder.
  • How can we do when you find oil drop around the filling nozzle?
  1. Adjustscrews in the position of four base angles of oil filling machine, no waggle.
  2. Clear particles inside the filling valves.
  • How to adjustwhen the filling speed is too slow?
  1. Check intake pressure is normal or not. If not, please check whether gas circuitis blocked or power transmission of air compressor is normal.
  2. Adjust screws of solenoid valve.
  3. Intake pressure can be adjusted to 4~0.5Mpa.
  4. Clear it if any dust blocked inside the filling valve.

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