Material and Heat Treatment of Punch Dies in KOS Factory

In the field of punch dies, it is known to all that material and heat treatment are two essential elements that determine the quality. In order to select the right punch dies for your tablet press, you may want to learn more about the material and heat treatment of punch dies.

There are different materials for punch dies making. The most common materials include carbon tool steel (such as T7 – T12), bearing steel, cold work die steel (such as high speed steel, wear resistant steel and impact resistant steel), cemented carbide and ceramic materials. Generally, the bearing steel is used domestically, while some manufacturers will use imported die steels. In any case, no matter what material is chosen for punch die making, the finished punch dies should be wear-resistant and impact-resistant.

good materials for punch dies and pill press

Choices in material will lead to changes in the cost, price, service life and mechanical properties of the punch dies. For example, the prices of the punch dies of the same specification can have a difference of one to two times due to different materials. When users purchase the punch dies, it is recommended that they should choose products from standard manufacturers that are more qualified. When users have special requirements, they can discuss the details with the manufacturers and get some help in selection.

In addition, the selection of materials is directly related to the price of punch dies. Do not purchase cheap punch dies simply because they are cheap. However, not all expensive punch dies have high quality. Users should consider the running costs of the punch die, the cost performance and the reliability of the operation. Always remember, “You know you have chosen the right punch die when it works well for your tablet press.”

The heat treatment quality of punch dies determines the internal quality of the punch dies. It is shown in the wear resistance, mechanical toughness and service life of the punch die. The commonly used die steel’s heat treatment hardness standard stipulates: the punching rod HRC 55 – 60, the middle die HRC 60 – 65. The internal metallographic organization of heat treatment is also specified in the standard.

Generally speaking, the quality of heat treatment is not convenient for users to control or measure when choosing the punch dies. Instead, they need the manufacturers to enhance the internal quality control in the production process and provide users with high quality and low cost dies.

punch dies and pill press made of good stainless steel


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