Malfunctions and Solutions of High Shear Homogenizer


High shear homogenizer is one kind of equipment which is widely used in industrial production. Through precise combination of rotor and stator of emulsifying pump, strong shear force generated by high speed rotation will mix, smash and emulsify materials. It is widely used in food, pharmacy, chemicals and cosmetic industry. There are some possible malfunctions during the usage of high shear mixer. For what reason, it may occur. And what solutions will be? Today we will discuss this item from following three aspects.

  • Vacuum degree of high shear emulsifying machine can’t be built.
  1. Check whether vacuum pump works normally or not
  2. Check vacuum piping is sealed thoroughly or not; seal ring is air leakage or not
  3. Inspect vacuum valves are open or not
  4. Check vacuum pump is added oil or not; vacuum water tank is added water.
  5. Check whether direction of rotation of vacuum pump is right or not.
  • Motors of homogenizer or agitator is unable to start normally
  1. Examine power supply is regularly supplied or not; whether electrical leakage of power line in somewhere or not;
  2. Examine impeller of electrical machine works well or not; whether any problems with motor or not.
  3. Examine homogenizer head is good or not; whether any foreign matter get stuck in the homogenizer head.
  4. Examine relay of electrical control cabinet is dapped, whether limit switches are loose or not.
  • High shear emulsifying machine side scraper can’t scrape normally.
  1. Inspect whether agitating valve is displaced or not
  2. Inspect whether scraper blade is worn heavily or not
  3. Inspect whether any foreign matter get stuck in the scraper blade, which results in inflexible

high shear mixer

Users can troubleshoot by themselves on the basis of above points. And then according to these malfunctions, uses can conclude corresponding solutions. Thus, it not only saves time, but also it is convenient for users to repair machines. KOS machinery has a professional video website to show how to solve technical problems through video services. If you have any technical items about high shear homogenizer which you can’t solve, please go to our website to summit your problems. Kindly visit: Or if you are interested in buying a high shear homogenizer, just order online:

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