Malfunctions and Solutions of Emulsifying Pumps

Emulsifying pump, consisting of stator and rotor, is widely used in the industrial products. It can generate strong shear force in the high speed rotation though the precise combination of stator and rotor, which will mix, crush, and emulsify materials. Today we will discuss problems appeared in the usage of emulsifying pumps and reasons of these problems.

If no pressure is found or pressure can’t be adjusted after initiating the homogenizer pump, factors should be considered are as follows. One is the middle or down orifice of pilot valve is blocked; second is unloading valve or pilot valve is locked or damaged; third is sealing ring of piston thrust is damaged. It should unchoke, repair or change spare part based on problems.

If pressure fluctuation is large, or insufficient flow or no flow, or vibration in the pipeline, or heavy noisy, elements should be considered are as follows. air in the pump chamber is not completely evacuated; air suction in the seal ring of plunger when pumping liquid; drain valve is broken or valve element is damaged because pipette is too tenuous and bending; imbibitions valve plug is unscrewed down and imbibitions filter is blocked. To solve the problem, it should screw off the bleeder screw of the pump and clear air thoroughly; take out drain valve and fill the plunger chamber with liquid to full; change the pipette or clear the bending; change the spring or valve element; screw down the imbibitions valve plug; clean the imbibitions filter of liquid tank.

If crash sound is found when pump is processing, it may be due to the bearing bush gap is increasing or sundries in the external pump or gap between plunger and pressure block. You should change the bearing bush; clear sundries; adjust the engine and pump to make them in the same level with axis; screw down the barrel.

If temperature in the tank of emulsifying pump is too high, it will be the damage of bearing bush or insufficient lubricating oil or disqualified lubricating oil. Therefore, you need to add lubricating oil or clean oil pool and change the oil; repair bent axle and change bearing bush. In a word, some problems may appear in the using of emulsifying pumps and troubleshoot according to what I said above.

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