Make Thick and Thin G3722 Pills with Copper Handheld Pill Press

Recently, we KOSBEST have developed a newly improved type of handheld pill press on the basis of long-life pill press and plastic pill maker, made of copper, thus we named it as “copper handheld pill press” or “manual copper pills maker”. The copper one has integrated the advantages of long-life and plastic pill press as well as overcame their shortcomings. Viewing from the perspective of customers, the copper handheld pill press is the most suitable and best one for small batch production with following considerations.


  1. It is fabricated by high-grade copper with features of no rust, no stain, and easy cleaning and restoring.
  2. Thickness of pills can be adjusted.12mm screw is set in the bottom which is used to adjust the depth of filling to control the thickness of pills.
  3. Wide applications.
  4. Different size of punches and dies can be used on copper handheld pill press. The diameter of middle die varies from 28mm (TDP-0/TDP-1.5), 37mm (TDP-5), 40mm (TDP-6) to 26mm(ZP machine).
  5. Pills in different sizes and shapes with various patterns can be made on copper handheld pill press, like XANAX, Viagra, A/215, Watson pills.
  6. It can be used in various industries, not only in pharmaceutical, but chemical, food, electronic industries, and lab experiment.
  7. Easy operation.


7 steps you could make a pill out by yourself. The following video is to show you how to operate the manual copper pill press in a few simple steps.



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