Make Salad Dressing with KOS Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer

In order to pursue a beautiful shape, a lot of people would like to lose weight. One of their ways to reduce weight is having vegetable salads to avoid intake of high calorie. The vegetable salad is a very nutritious and healthy diet. It enjoys growing popularity among people nowadays. As the salad does not have to be heated most of the time, various nutrients can be kept inside the vegetables to the utmost so as to avoid nutrition damage or loss. However, raw vegetables are not that tasty as other food such as hamburgers and fried chips. But they taste much more delicious with salad dressing added. Hence, the need for salad dressing is increasing and the vacuum emulsifying mixer is a common device for making the salad dressing.


Actually, the vacuum emulsifying machine is designed for immiscible phases such as the aqueous phase and the oil phase in the production. The stator and the rotor of the homogenizer head which is connect to the engine spin at very high speed with 2800 resolutions per minute to completely break, mix, shear, disperse, impact and homogenize the material, thus making the aqueous phase and the oil phase miscible with each other. As a result, the material becomes more delicate and smooth. At present, the machine is well received by manufacturers of cosmetics, show gel, sun cream, ointment, sauce, fruit juice, printing ink, oil paint, coatings, petrochemical engineering and more.


As for making salad dressing, we should fill the blending tank with enough liquid when starting the vacuum emulsifying mixer. As the machine is started, its shaft drives the turbine to rotate. Then the material is absorbed into the homogenizer head by the suction force from the lower entrance of the stator head and the material is impacted, squeezed, sheared and rubbed for the first time. The material  is subjected to high-speed impact, extrusion and shear for the second time when it is ejected horizontally through the special holes of the stator. After that, the horizontally jetted stream creates radial flow and axial displacement within the homogeneous mixing tank. At this point, the material is impacted for the third time. The machine produces random swirls in the mixing tank because the two flow modes impact each other and cross mixing and shearing with the radial flow. By means of the high frequency cycle, the salad dressing of high quality is finally achieved.



This article tells us how to make salad dressing with KOS Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer



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