Make Good Pills on Single Punch Pill Press DP-12

Single punch tablet press DP-12, like other tablet press machine, is usually applied in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, electronic industries. It can press the powder and granular materials into tablet, round as well as different geometrical shape tablets. But DP-12 must have its outstanding features among all the tablet presses. Here we recommend DP-12 pill press with following considerations:

  1. Wide Application: It can be used to make tablets, pills, calcium, candies, Chinese verb medicine, etc. The tablets may impress characters or symbols on one or both sides.
  2. With glass door covering outside, it is totally enclosed that is helpful to prevent dust and cross-contamination, creating a sanitary environment,
  3. DP-12 is easy to operate with buttons on the control panel.
  4. The pills and tablets made by DP-12 is quite hard and a smooth surface. The symbols and patterns are clear and obvious.
  5. Low noise.
  6. Low dissipation of power
  7. High utilization of particular materials.


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