Maintenance Guide for KOS Laboratory High Shear Homogenizer

lab homogenizer structure diagram

1. Laboratory high shear homogenizer using single-phase three-wire system, the required power outlet specifications for the 220V, 10A three-hole socket, the socket must have a good grounding. Be careful can not be connected to the wrong grounding wire (the ground wire is strictly forbidden connect to the telephone line, water pipes, gas pipes and lightning rod wire).

2. Before use, check whether the screws are loose and tighten in time.

3. After the machine is connected to the power supply, turn on the power switch, the governor on the motor is displayed as 0, and click the arrow “△” indicating the speed increase on the left side, (Note: the arrow “▽” on the right side of the governor indicates the speed decreases), until the motor starts and reaches the required speed, and then release. (Note: the speed of the governor display may be slight fluctuated when the hand is released, it is normal and does not affect the use).

4. Note: The mixing head of the machine is forbidden running out of the materials.

5. The machine configuration of the working head stator, should choose the appropriate stator according to the experimental requirements. Medium and low viscosity liquid mixing emulsification, medium and small particles crushing and dissolution should choose round hole stator; for high viscosity liquid mixing emulsification, large particles crushed and dissolved, please use long hole stator head.

6. Replace the stator steps: first use a wrench (attached) to loose the three nuts on the cover of mixing head, remove the outer stator ring, remove the stator to be replaced, and then put the new stator into the positioning step, and then install the outer stator ring, synchronized tighten the three nuts evenly, and turn the rotor shaft, there should not be any periodic elastic phenomenon.

lab homogenizer stator change the step illustration

7. After the machine is finished, return the governor to 0, turn off the power switch, cut off the power supply, and pull out the plug.

8. After the use of the machine, should be promptly cleaned.

9. The machine stop use for a long time, before use again, should be maintained and inspected, especially the electrical safety performance.

10. The brush on the motor is a consumable part and the user should always check. In the inspection, please cut off the power, pull out the plug, unscrew the brush cover, pull out the brush. If it is found that the brush is shorter than 6mm, it should be replaced immediately. The new brush should use the original specification of the brush, and should be in the brush (frame) tube activities freely, to prevent stuck in the tube, causing large electric spark or motor does not run.

11. If the machine is found abnormal sound when working, should immediately stop for inspection, after troubleshooting and then re-start.

12. In the use, if the motor does not run, firstly should check the socket whether there is power supply; whether the connector is loose; whether the brush is in good contact; whether the rotor and stator of mixing head is stuck. After troubleshooting the above failures, if it is still not normal operation, please ask professional personnel to repair or contact our after-sales service department. Do not ask people who are unfamiliar with the performance of the machine to assemble and disassemble, so as not to cause accidents.

For more information about KOS high shear lab homogenizer assembly and disassembly, operation and maintenance, please feel free to contact our customer support.

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